Texans for Education Reform

Texas asking for more time on teacher evaluations

July 23, 2014
San Antonio Express-News

By Lauren Mcgaughy

AUSTIN — Texas needs an additional year to pilot its first new teacher evaluation method in 17 years, Commissioner of Education Michael Williams told federal officials Wednesday.

Renaissance needed in state education model

July 22, 2014
Houston Chronicle

By Susan Combs and Harrison Keller

In an information-driven society, nothing is more important to our long-term economic success than a well-educated, well-trained workforce.

In Houston, traditional public school shares ideas and a roof with charter schools

July 22, 2014

JUDY WOODRUFF: Now a U.S. education story with a twist.
Relations between charter schools and traditional public schools have often been hostile, and that’s become a more intense problem in recent years. About 4 percent of U.S. students attend about 5,000 charter schools.

High-Performing Charter Schools May Improve Students' Health

July 21, 2014
Texas Public Radio

By Patti Neighmond

Many people are intensely interested in how publicly funded charter schools affect children, and that includes not just their academic achievement but their health.