Texans for Education Reform

Improving STEM graduation rates will boost Texas economy

July 25, 2014
Midland Report-Telegram

By M. Ray Perryman

For sustained economic growth, a strong presence in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields is essential. Industries and occupations focused in these areas generate many of the innovations which improve productivity across the workforce. They are essential to the modern business complex.

Five reasons districts should love Course Access

July 24, 2014
Clayton Christensen Institute

By Michael B. Horn

As Course Access programs, in which students have access to publicly funded courses of their choice across a range of providers held accountable for results, proliferate across the country, gauging the success of these statewide programs will be difficult because of how districts are likely to respond, as I wrote a few weeks back.

New law saves Texas charter schools millions

July 25, 2014
Houston Chronicle

By Jennifer Radcliffe

A new law — House Bill 885 — that enables the Permanent School Fund to back charter school bonds has already saved KIPP Houston an astounding $10 million in financing charges.

Work together

July 24, 2014
Houston Chronicle

A child's nightmare: A popular kid moves in across the street and you have to watch the goings-on that you are not invited to. This August, KIPP Connect, a new $25 million school building, at 6700 Bellaire Blvd., will open across the street from Jane Long Academy, built in the late 1950s.